Friday, May 18, 2012

Home is...

The warmest place in the world that i ever lived,
the best place to grow up so i can ready to face the world,
the hardest thing to think about when i leave for a long time,
the longest time i've spent in my whole age,
the best restaurant where i can find foods served by my angel,
the noise place in the middle of the night when it's world cup started,
the place where i can find my mom, my dad, and my daughter.

Oh Allah, You know what i feel.
6 months is a long time to miss them.
6 months is enough time for me to realize that i really love them.
6 months is few time to make family time since i decided to reach my dream in other island.

And now,
i miss the scolding from my mom,
i miss my mum's hand when she was feeding me,
i miss running in the rain with my dad when he was pick me up from school in the night,
i miss surprise from my dad when i got one rank in the class,
i miss them so bad..

Allah, please save my couple of angel in there,
Please give them healthy long life,
let me to give them happiness,
help me to create a smile in their face just because of me,
help me to always being dutiful son for them...

That's a place where i call home

Bapak dan Ibu juara satu sedunia

My youngest daughter
My younger daughter


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